About Us

Our Mission and Goals

The Montgomery County Drug-Free Coalition works with members of the local community such as law enforcement personnel, political leaders, health care workers, alcohol and drug treatment providers, the faith-based community, and local business people. We have several committees in which these community representatives will be involved.

The mission of the Montgomery County Coalition for Drug-Free Communities is to promote a drug-free community by mobilizing diverse partnerships; developing, implementing and supporting environmental strategies; and increasing public awareness of the harmful effects of heroin, opiates, and illegal prescription drugs. 


  • Enhance and expand efforts to address the specific problems of heroin and illegal prescription drug use by Montgomery County residents;   
  • Strengthen and mobilize collaboration that improves community efforts to promote and implement effective, research-based prevention strategies;    
  • Reduce risk factors and promote protective factors among youth and adults concerning substance abuse;    
  • Strengthen family, school, community, and individual protective factors;    
  • Create an environment to encourage drug-free lifestyles;   
  • Implement and support evidence-based prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery programs;   
  • Support people with substance abuse issues and their families;   
  • Identify community service providers to help simplify access for families seeking help.

Governing Board Members

Executive Director 

Sheriff Phil Plummer


Bruce Langos


Chief Deputy Rob Streck 


Shelly Diaz


Terri Meyer